Before I was going to give a client their Communications Media Audit today I saw an email from my Texas Bloggers group about “who wants a new dress.”

I am game for dresses, they are my favorite.  Being able to feel feminine in any setting, business, speaking or out to dinner – a women can be a women even if she plays hard ball in the professional court.

Introducing Anita at Cedar Hill Ranch-Yup a Texas Gal – we are awesome women!

Go visit her site, see if you can win yourself a new dress with Shabby Apple. Cedar Hill ranch Gabby Dress Giveaway Gotta love learning about new dress and clothing sites online.  Shabby Apple has some gorgeous dresses.

Here are the ones I want:

Which dress will you choose?

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What Are Businesses Afraid Of?

How is it women are welcomed on the front line in the Marines but not on more corporate boards?  Does this mean our skill at killing is worthy but not our skill in business strategies?

What does this show us about our value in our own communities?

While women make up 75% of purchasing decisions – they also make up less than 1% of suppliers to corporations and government.

Which parts of this financial makeup in our business world is acceptable today?

”Women have almost $US20 trillion in purchasing power and yet they are not involved in the creation and solution of services,’‘ WeConnect’s president and co-founder, Elizabeth Vazquez, said.
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ISLAMABAD –Begum Salma Ahmed Shah is a renowned businesswoman and is FPCCI Vice President. She is the founder President & CEO of Woman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WCCI) Sindh and Chairperson of BSA Inc Karachi.

As compared to men indeed the ratio of women in the field of trade and industry is almost negligible. Among other reasons why women are shying away from industry are four major reasons

(1) An enormous amount of money required for investment.

(2) The investment climate is unstable due to the electricity & gas shortages.

(3) Access to credit is not easy.

(4) The interest rates for loans are not viable.

(5) The law and order conditions prevailing in Karachi.

Women are therefore shy of making long-term investments. As far as trade is concerned a large number of women are taking part in this activity especially in the urban areas. However, the figures are not satisfactory and new venues of investment must be tapped, in order to attract a larger ratio of women.

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Women around the world are asking these questions.  Will women in American join the conversation with intentional actions to create solutions?  I am ready, are you?

What Will We Do to Change This Weary Growing Situation?