Women in Business Radio is the Communication Hub for women to communicate, connect, and grow your business from a grassroots foundation helping you build profitable online/offline relationships.

Our vision is to be your gathering place every Monday to share messages from other women in business so you are seeing your potential , power and profitability.

Every week we will bring you women in business who will share their journey, their story of how they made it.  Inspiring, uplifting and also showing you the pitfalls to help you create your own successful journey as a woman in business.

We give you everyday women who have found their success and what it took for them to arrive at their destination and where they want to go from here.

“Uncovering who we are and what we bring to the table for our business is important and powerful as women in business.”  Michele Price

Women in Business Radio is here to serve as a beacon light giving you business tips, business stories and business women who are here to support and create that “Good Ole Gals Network” for women in business.  Showing you through interview with women in business where you might find that next strategic partnership or alliance is key to the purpose we serve.

Today more than ever it is critical for you to create a powerful online presence for you and your business.  Women in Business Radio gives you a portal to accomplish that today.

For my colleagues who want to know more about WHO is behind Women In Business Radio

Michele Price is the Founder and CEO. michele

Some fun and interesting things you might want to know about Michele are:

  • She lived a week in the Mountain of Montana with the Nez Peirce Indians learning how to live off the land as her ancestors did so many years ago.
  • Dog Sledding was one of her favorite life experiences, ask her about it sometime.
  • A Grandmother of two she’s not your traditional Grandmother (go figure, giggle)
  • She is an only child of an only child, who had an only child. (and they say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree)
  • Studied to be a midwife when she was pregnant with her son 30 years ago
  • A Spiritual inquisitor since childhood has lead her to study and learn from many philosophies and religions.
  • She knows exactly which spot on your child foot will give them relief from constipation.
  • Haven eaten FIRE has shown Michele the emptiness of FEAR.

Tune is Every Monday at 1:15pm ET and you can learn more. We Have MOVED to be part of Breakthrough Business Strategies radio show.  Being a segment of #BBSradio has given #WIBRadio more visibility.

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