If you have ever received the comment “You are just being sensitive” when you chose to speak up for yourself or “I was just joking stop freaking out“…there is a good chance you have been gaslighted.

Here is a great post from Yashir Ali that goes in to better details what is gaslighting and what it looks like.















What I want you to do after reading this is to ask yourself these questions:

  • When has this happened to me?
  • What did I feel when it happened?
  • How did I respond?
  • Have it happened lately?
  • Am I still allowing this to  effect me without recognizing it;s manipulation?
  • How can we as women be more supportive of each other?
  • What will you do differently now you are aware of this and what it truly is?
  • Are you going to be willing to “be” the change you wish to see?
Will you see the difference in our worlds when we stand for our brilliance instead of argue for our weaknesses?
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