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Not everyone will make the front page of Fast Company or Forbes top 100 list. Yet, women owned businesses are still the back bone of our economy here in the USA. Women In Business Radio is here to empower and give women in business a place to grow their reputation as well as awareness of other women they can connect with growing a stronger network.

Big Changes for Women in Business radio, we have joined with our brother show at Breakthrough Business Strategies radio and will be a part of that timeline now. Breakthrough Business Strategies airs at 12pm ET and after their featured guest at 1:15pm ET we will roll right into Women in Business Segment. This benefits Women in Business radio by spotlighting our Women owned businesses on the same channel as our high profile business guests each week, expanding their reach. Join us as we make your Monday’s a power packed way to start your week.

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Are you caught in time and missing that 2 step beat that brings you happiness?  We know a woman who will yank you back the fun of life and your business.  Who are we talking about?

Jessica Northey the owner of Digital Marketing Strategy boutique firm Finger Candy Media, LLC and is also the Founder of Country Music Chat on Twitter (#CMchat).

A Tuscon Native Jessica Northey is taking over the Country Music industry one Tweet at a time.Specializing in, using  Social Media when you ARE the brand, breaking new artists and strategic use of Social Media for Broadcasting; her optimization techniques are being implemented at stations across the nation, by many Musicians and Entertainers and her writings/methods instructional material for various programs from Real Estate to the classes at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism.

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Finger Candy Media

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