How Man Times Have You Asked Yourself

  1. What Am I Here For?
  2. What Can I Do To Make A Difference?
  3. What Is My Purpose?

Are you giving that question the time it deserves to help you get to the accurate answers?

Going through a rigorous program with Pauline Serice author of Authentic Leadership Development has been whipping my butt – to put bluntly.  We hear folks throw around a myriad of words that for many of us do not ring clearly because they are not being used in the right context.  They are not being given the honor and position that will allow the user, well as the words to create the difference desired and expressed.

For example, my mother so eloquently put yesterday she is shifting the way she uses the word “Love”.  She said too many times we have fallen into the guise of saying “I love ____” when in fact we do not love it we “like it” even “like it a lot”, but LOVE nope.  When we lie to ourselves in our own languaging and communications like that, we are corrupting our ability to live a life of purpose because we are throwing nails in the road ahead of our own cars.

“Have we morphed the meaning of love

or have we distorted it?”

What problem are you here to solve?

  1. Do you know your purpose?
  2. What if that clarity of purpose allowed you to achieve what you wanted with more accuracy and speed?
  3. Do you think you can do that if you are using one of your best tools – your communication when it is misaligned?

As women we take our roles seriously and with great pride in that we recognize we “create.”

Whether you are a physical mother or not, women by their physiology create.

We create life in many different forms.

  • Children
  • Ideas
  • Solutions to big and small problems

It is who we are and what we do.

 often hear women saying these statements that

dis-empower them

  • I am so scattered I can’t keep focus.
  • There is so much I am responsible for and it keeps getting larger.
  • I can’t seem to finish anything I come up with.

When you gain clarity around your purpose, you give yourself the reinforcement to be able to ask yourself simple questions to ensure you are staying on track when these type of comments start surfacing.  Many times these questions halt our progress because there are so many limiting and negative beliefs we have grown up accepting from others.

Ask yourself, have you heard any of the above comments and because you could not see your own clarity in the situation, you accepted the statements and took them on as your own.  They gave you solace and allowed you to not keep looking for your own answers.  I have.

There is an assignment I complete a few weeks ago that has helped me tremendously, it was defining my purpose.

What I am here on planet earth to fulfill?

We lie to ourselves when it is time to answer this question.  (This one sentence is a whole other blog post).

Here is what I discovered:

  • I did know my purpose
  • It was inside me all along
  • I was just afraid to say it out-loud
  • When you say it out-loud you can feel it when you are on target
  • When you commit to your purpose-doors start opening up for you
  • Knowing and declaring your purpose starts your work, not completes it.
  • That work that manifests from your purpose is more satisfying – it feeds you.

Here is my purpose…………what is yours?

Increase people’s awareness to live from depth- to live a deep and meaningful life that contributes to the quality of everyone’s lives.


Teach and develop via business how to make a difference as well as a profit.

What benefit are you cheating yourself from by not claiming your purpose?

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